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Education is political. Politics impacts the classroom and our community; it is all around us.

Café con Chico e Isela is a sip of knowledge with a twist of political education that’s good to the last drop. Grab a cup of coffee, join the discourse, and be engaged!


When Do We Air

Wednesday - 4:30pm

Saturday - 8:00am


Meet Chico


Chico Santiago Robinson is a native of Phoenix Arizona, a son of educators who could be seen on his fathers arms in classroom after classroom. Following in his parents footprints, Chico became a teacher, Chico graduated from Portland State University with a degree in Latin American Studies and Grand Canyon University with a Masters Degree in Secondary Education. Chico currently teaches Middle School Social Studies in a public school in Central Phoenix. 

Chico, an established important voice for the Red for Ed movement that saw Arizona’s largest protest for public school funding. Like many educators, Chico’s work day has been severely impacted with the Covid-19 pandemic, from his students suffering from the technology gap to parents adapting to at home schooling. 

Meet Isela


Isela Blanc joined the legislature in 2017 and is dedicated to engaging communities around education, collaboration and strong relationships. 

Her advocacy for immigration began at a young age. Isela Blanc became the first formerly undocumented woman to be elected to the Arizona State Legislature. She continues to work closely with community leaders and community youth regarding this issue.

She currently remains engaged in improving public education and moving the needle forward in the state of Arizona. She is an  active citizen of Tempe, Arizona. She began her engagement work by volunteering at her son's school, which transformed into a new life work: advocacy, eventually leading her to the State House.

Isela Blanc graduated from Arizona State University in 2013. 


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